The Fall

The Missing Spoon

The Fighter's Guild Misadventure

So Far

3 weeks had passed since the fighter’s guild members had left Venel city to return back to Lothric. However, as they neared the city, signs of smoke rose from inside, and many people seemed on edge. As the group made their way into the city, several members broke off to investigate the surrounding area, while Krishana and Khatel made their way inside the city to report back to the Fighter’s Guild.

As they entered the city, they decided to ask around and find out more about what had happened while they were away. After asking around, they discovered that a group of armored individuals had broken through the west gate in the middle of the night, and attacked the Wizards Guild. Numerous guards and some members of the fighters guild died trying to protect the Wizards Guild, however, they were unsuccessful. Those members of the Wizards Guild that weren’t killed in the attack fled, disappearing with no contact from them since the attack.

Upon discovering this, Krishana and Khatel made their way towards the city hall, in the hopes of discovering more information and offering their assistance. As they entered, they discover a chaotic scene inside, as people rushed about their business. They were quickly approached by an individual that told them that the Mayor was working with the head of the Fighters Guild directly, and to report to him. They thanked the man, and left for the Fighters Guild.

Upon returning to the Fighter’s Guild, they are approached by a small gnome bard, who had been playing in the corner of the room. He introduced himself as Finn, a adventurous bard looking for new stories.

Picking a quest

while Khatel converses with the bard, Krishana goes to talk with the leader of the fighters guild. He explained that the fighters guild was doing what it could to figure out more about the attack on the city. Krishana was told to go find a job on the job board and that her efforts weren’t needed at that time.

After looking at several jobs, they are joined by Smilebeard. They decide to go retrieve an item and set out to head to the small town.

Not wanting to walk, the bard decides to try to get a ride from a traveling half-orc. The orc refuses politely, and Krishana accidentally hits him with a severed orc head. Yelling about the disrespect to his family, he attacks her. Taking advantage of the confusion, Finn steals the cart, but quickly loses control. In an attempt to gain control, he leaps onto one of the horses and gets it to stop, however the other one didn’t. This caused the cart to crash, devastating the half-orc who said the cart contains the remains of his family who was murdered by bandits. With heavy hearts, the fighters guild accompanied the half-orc to the following village.

They made contact with the individual who required the retrieval of the item. After a confusing conversation, they discovered that they needed to retrieve a spoon that was a family heirloom.

They set off into the woods and quickly dispatched the kobolds who supposedly have the spoon, and found themselves near some ancient ruins.


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