The Fall

Gail Protection Force Survive

Into the Swamp

Return to Gail

After reporting to Mayor Abara that the bandits had been dealt with, Keth Kearema was handed a sealed letter with a strange sign of two crossed swords. Opening the letter, he discovered that it only had the words “Return to Gail Immediately” written upon the parchment. Having discovered this, he immediately grabbed his horse and began making his way back to Gail.

While this was occurring, BreeLynn Hawklight Immediately made her way to the nearest temple to pray for forgiveness for destroying the temple of Bahamut. Her retainer, Eilinda Carter rushed after her upon discovering how distraught she seemed, though Eilinda had no idea why. After a long period of prayer, BreeLynn finally returned to the inn with Eilinda. After a meal, they retreated to their quarters where they soon drifted off to sleep.

Partway through the night they were awoken by the sound of someone cursing after tripping over a traveling bag in their room. BreeLynn jumped to her feet and assaulted the intruder, who demanded to know where Salvatore’s ring was. Upon discovering they didn’t have the ring, the intruder stabbed BreeLynn and rushed out of the inn. The two nobles gathered their belongings and their horses and left for Gail that night. After traveling for most of the night, they caught up with Keth who was sleeping a little ways off the road.

The Letter’s Owner

Upon returning to Gail, the small group went to see the mayor, finding fewer guards than normal around the town. When they entered the mayors office inquiring about the letter that Keth received, they were told bluntly that they had not been sent for and that their services were no longer required. As they inquired further, the mayor declared that he didn’t recognize the seal. Though he offered that they should check the guilds district.

In an effort to find the sender of the letter, they went to the guilds district as instructed and began searching for a guild with a seal to match their letter. They searched for hours until by chance they noticed some individuals in armor that had the same sign on the breastplate. After a brief confrontation, they individuals agreed to take the party to see their leader.

To BreeLynn’s disgust, the soldiers led the group to a run-down brothel. Inside they were led to a man with a proposition for them. He said that he had a treasure map, and that all they had to do was find the location of the treasure and they’d receive half the loot. In an effort to get more money, they agreed. The secretary told them that the location was in a former lake that had long since turned into a swamp. Feeling a little uneasy, they group began making their way towards the supposed treasure.

Into the Swamp

After about a day’s travel, the group found themselves at the outskirts of the swamp. Despite the coming winter, the swamp still seemed warm and green. They traveled deeper into the swamp where they met a very confused and lost Treant. After freeing him from surrounding foliage, he gave them a small trinket in thanks. They proceeded deeper into the swamp and soon came across three ghosts.

Though terrified of them, the ghosts didn’t seem overly hostile and kept insisting that the travelers share one of their stories in exchange for being allowed to move deeper into the swamp. The party was hesitant, but upon the ghosts insistence, they recounted their adventure with almost dying on the cliff. Satisfied, the ghosts let them move deeper into the swamp.

Finally, the group made it to the center of the swamp where they found a cave. Inside the cave seemed to be an abandoned temple to some lesser deities. As they moved deeper into the temple, they found statues that seemed out of place, though they continued on. As they reached the main chamber, they found a secret passage below the alter. As they descended it, they found themselves in a much more ominous location.

Shortly after proceeding deeper into the complex, they were beset upon by a woman with snake hair. She began taunting them and chasing them. She managed to trap them in an interrogation room, with their only hope being help from the outside.


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